The world’s most popular video game is back in ProBattle with its 2020 Edition to mesmerize all the enthusiastic FIFA gamers, accompanied by exciting new game play features! Yes! You can pick Women’s football teams as well! Stakes will never be higher when the participants get their worth tested in this cut-throat knockout FIFA Competition with all to play for in every match! And a chance to be crowned the FIFA King, with cash prizes, a dream for every FIFA fan out there!

Competition Design

The tournament will start through a group stage, where participants will face each other in a round robin format (playing each participant in their respective group only once).
The top 2 of each group at the end of the group stage will progress to the next round while the remaining group members will be eliminated.
The subsequent Quarter Finals will be a BO1 (best of 1).
The Semi Final will be played over two legs(Participants will not be allowed to change teams after the first leg)
The Final will be a BO3.

Judgement Criteria

The player who scores more goals win, or fails to show up within 15 minutes of the start time of that match (Default).


1. All games in the group stages will be BO1. Quarter Finals will also be a BO1. Semi Finals will be played over 2 legs, home and away goals will matter, and participants will not be allowed to change their team after the first leg. Final will be a BO3.
2. Each match will have a half of 6 minutes.
3. Each win in group stages will earn 3 points, a draw 1 point and a loss will earn 0 points. Goal difference in the group stages will matter.
4. Teams will be messaged about their respective matches beforehand. A team concedes a walkover if they are more than 15 minutes late at their match, making the other team win by default.
5. Participants are allowed to bring their own Ps4 controllers. 6. Pan, Gutka, Chalia, Bad-mouthing, Trashtalk are stricly prohibited within the premisis.
7. In case of any technical fault during a match, the match will restart with the same picks. (Unless the match is heavily onesided .The matter will be decided based on the circumstances).

Event Heads:

Syed Hussain Imam: 0331-5138400
Hamza Fudda: 0313-8288245

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