A fierce competition where teams in 5 come together in a battle of comradery to combat against one another. Based on a league format the game is intense, thrilling and as stirring as if experiencing it in real. Come join us at IBA ProBattle in a gamer‘s paradise and unleash your inner dauntless self. May the Force be with you!

Competition Design

⦁The tournament will consist of 24 teams max.
⦁The 24 Teams will be divided randomly in groups of 6 and will face each other in a round robin fashion.
⦁1st , 2nd team from each group will proceed onto the Quarter-finals (Upper Bracket).
⦁The 3rd and 4th place teams from each group will face each other in a BO1 and the loser from each match is eliminated.
⦁The 5th and 6th place teams from each group will be Eliminated by the end of the Round Robin.
⦁( 8+4=12 teams eliminated by the End of day 1)
⦁The 3rd place team from each group will join the lower bracket and here onwards a double elimination BO1 Knockout will be followed.
⦁( 8 teams will be eliminated by the end of day 2
⦁The Semi Final will be a Bo3 and the Final will be a Bo5(expected if time is available)

Judgement Criteria

A match is concluded when either team destroys the enemy team’s throne, or fails to show up within 15 minutes of the start time of that match (Default).


1) All games will be a BO1(Round Robin). The double knockout stage is also a BO1. The Semi-Final will be a BO3, and the Final will be a BO5 ( If time permits else BO3)
2) Teams will be messaged about their respective matches beforehand. A team concedes a walkover if they are more than 15 minutes late at their match, making the other team win by default.
3) Players are allowed to bring their gears (Keyboard, mouse, headphones, mousepad etc)
4) Pan, Gutka, Chalia, Bad-mouthing are STRICTLY prohibited within the premisis.
5) No trash talking. Warning will be given on first offense, second offense will result in disqualification.
6) The selection between Radiant and Dire will be done on a coin toss. (or Mutual understanding if applicable)
7) You are all allowed to bring up to 2 maximum substitutes. The subtitute will have to purchase the ticket in order to access the regular facilities of a participant.
8) If you do bring a substitute, idle roaming around the lab is not allowed. This is to ensure no chaos is risen among the teams regarding strategic peeking.
9) Seating cubical for a match will be assigned to you by the Event head.
10) In case of any technical fault during a match, the match will restart with the same picks. (Unless the match is heavily onesided the matter will be decided based on the circumstances)

Event Heads:

Abdul Hakam Wahab: 0344-3384942
Ali Haider: 0321 8219246
Saffan Suleman: 03061171148

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