A competition that will test your skills as a future network engineer

Competition Design

The participants will be given a few scenarios of networking and their objective will be to solve and simulate them.

Judgement Criteria

The team with the greatest number of correct simulation wins. In case of a tie. Submission time will be taken into account.


1. 1-3 members are allowed in a team.
2. Participants must appear at the competition room at least twenty minutes before the commencement of the competition.
3. Latecomers will not be given extra time.
4. Event Heads have the right to disqualify any team in any case.
5. Any dictionary or commands document is not allowed in any format.
6. Event Heads will analyze performance. The verdict will be final and unobjectionable.
7. Use of any illegal resource during competition (e.g. USB, mobile, internet, etc.) will result in disqualification.
8. Ensure that CISCO software is correctly installed and working well before starting the competition. No excuses will be entertained during competition.
9. Mobile phones should be switched off during the competition.
10. Participants must not communicate or disturb other teams during the competition.
11. Participants may not leave the room while the competition is in progress.
12. No extra time will be given to any team.
13. Any kind of misbehaving with invigilator or any member will not be tolerated.

Event Heads:

Salik Muhammad: 0332-3520245

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