Push your imagination and programming skills to the limits as you work in teams and bring out the best game in the given constraints.

Competition Design

In the event, the participating teams will be given a fixed number of parameters to work within. They will be given a workspace and shall be allowed to work on their PCs and notebooks. They will only be allowed to use the IBA Lab PCs in case their own systems fail to build the games as needed. Otherwise, the participants need to work on their systems and need to put the graphic work/design on the stationary provided.

Theme will be given one day before the event. So you can download assets beforehand.

Judgement Criteria

Games will be judged by a panel of judges; each judge will individually rate participating teams/games on a 1-to- 5 scale in the following main buckets.

  • Originality– Does the concept show uniqueness within its genre. Demonstrate how they have managed to combine those elements into a new and interesting concept.

  • Gameplay / Levels – How the game progresses. How the score count is kept, high scores, rewards, etc.

  • Creativity / Mechanics – Each team should be able to explain the unique elements of their game as well as its core mechanics and the coding conventions.

  • Presentation– Each team should clearly articulate the main elements of their game. Materials should be concise, clear and consistent.

  • Other – Judging areas including technology, audio and design will also be reviewed.

Application of the Judging Criteria will be at the judges' sole discretion. The judges' decisions are final and binding in all matters relating to IBA ProBattle 2020.


All entries submitted must adhere to the following restrictions.
Entries must not contain material that violates any copyright, trademarks, or patents of anyone.
Entries must not discredit sponsors, or any other person or party involved in the promotion and organization of this contest.
Entries must not contain audio-visual material (images, videos, sound) for which the rights have not been secured or which are not freely available. Entries must not contain material that is inappropriate, indecent, offensive, or defamatory.
Entries must not contain material that promotes intolerance, racism, hostility against any group or individual, or promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or age.
Entries must not promote violence against humans or animals. Entries must not contain material that is illegal.
Entries must not contain material or use software which requires a cash payment for purchase/use.
Organizers reserve the right to:
block and/or refuse to accept any participation which they consider to be in any way non-compliant with these guidelines.
make necessary changes to a participation that would make it eligible the competition.
require the teams to make the necessary changes to their participation to comply with the above.

Event Heads:

Saif Ali Zaidi: +92 347 2366218

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