This is a day long scavenger hunt competition. In addition to that it will include various competitions that will test your logical, mathematical and investigative skills. You have to use the clues put them together. Use of critical and logical thinking will lead you to victory. This hunt features a variety of logic puzzle, race against time and treasure hunt(s) which are tricky and entertaining. Are you fast enough?

Competition Design

• Participants:
Minimum: Team of 3
Maximum: Team of 4

• Days and Rounds:
Days: 3
Rounds: 3
• Eliminations:
Elimination will start from Day 2

Judgement Criteria

The team which would reach to the clue without violating the rules would be winners.


Key Rules:
• Any team that would pick someone else clue or tried to destroy other’s clue would be disqualified.
• Extra time would not be given.
• Random picking of clues will lead to disqualification, each team and especially winning team is required to have all the clues along with the final clue.

Event Heads:

Muhammad Ahmed: +92 336 0254696
Shahzaid Shamsi: +92 312 8778590

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