Oh, the magic of loops! Are you new in the world of Computers? Are you old in the world of Computers? The Pseudocode competition is for everyone. It tests your ability to solve algorithms by writing pseudocode of the given problem, which is a honed skill required in every computer scientist. Pseudocode is a solution to complex problems in simple language. It’s the first step of making any code and is the beginning part of every programmer’s life and if you succeed in this phase then you are bound to be an excellent computer scientist.

Competition Design

1. The competition is spanned over two days.
2. The first day will consist of 2 rounds. Each round will be of 2 hours each + settlement time.
3. The second day will have the final round. This will be a 3-hour final + settlement time.
4. Participants must be present BEFORE the start of each round. If a team does not qualify for the succeeding, they are not required to be present in other rounds.
5. For the judgment criteria, please refer to the judgment criteria.
6. For the answer syntax, please refer to the booklet given/emailed to you.

Judgement Criteria

1. Code should be readable and written clearly. Any code that the management cannot read will not be checked.
2. All questions will have equal score.
3. Your answer will be judged on 3 things:
a. The syntax of your answer.
b. The time complexity and space complexity of your answer.
c. The clarity of your answer.

4. In the case of a tie, the submission time of questions will be used as a tie-breaker.
5. You can add comments (use // followed by your comment) to explain some complex part of your code that you’re trying to perform. Comments can help in marking.


1. Each team consists of 1 to 3 member(s) of undergraduate level of the same university.
2. No pseudocode will be accepted after the time limit exceeds.
3. Competition will be comprised of two rounds. Top teams from 1st round will make it to the Final Round.
4. Participants can only communicate with the organizers or the management team of the competition and among team members (obviously).
5. Use of communication device or any other unfair means will result in an immediate disqualification.
6. Stationery will be provided to the participants.
7. Participants cannot leave the room before the competition round ends.
8. Time limit is 2 hours each for round 1 and round 2. 3 hours in the final.
9. Internet or any other unfair media usage is strictly prohibited.
10. USBs, Extended HDD or any electronic items are not allowed during the competition. 11. Any misconduct will lead to immediate disqualification.
12. Anybody found using any unfair means will be immediately disqualified.
13. Decision of the judges shall be considered final and cannot be challenged.
14. The ProBattle’20 Management reserves the right to change these rules without prior notice.
15. Provided syntax is to be strictly enforced.

Event Heads:

Laraib Uz Zafar: 0331-6331666
Moiz Siraj: 0311-1077588

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