Develop a prototype mobile app within 3 days, the team shall be judged along functional and design parameters.

Competition Design

1) Android (bring your own laptop)
2) iOS (bring your own laptop)
3) React Native (No EXPO)
4) Flutter (bring your own laptop)

1) Internet Access will be available
2) Paper and pencil will be provided

1) Android developers must have to follow at least one design pattern in their apps (MVC, MVVM, etc).
2) iOS developers are only allowed to use Swift and not Objective C.
3) Those who are participating as React Native or Flutter developers, they must have to use at least one global/central state management library like redux, mobx or any other in their apps.
4) Expo for React Native is not allowed.

Judgement Criteria

1. User Interface (UI)
2. User Experience (UX)
3. Performance
4. Originality
5. Completeness

Scoring Criteria
1. User Interface = 20%
2. User Experience = 20%
3. Performance = 20%
4. Originality = 20%
5. Completeness = 20%


1. Students can compete individual or in team of up to three members.
2. Students are restricted to develop their application from scratch.
3. The submitted work must be your own original work. All submission must not be plagiarized from any sources.
4. In case of copyright infringement, the submissions will be disqualified.
5. Team will be disqualified if found using previous developed project .
6. Each team must bring their devices like iphone or Android phone and USB cable for app testing.
7. Android developers can bring their own laptop.
8. IOS developers must have to bring their own laptop.
9. Students have to submit their code on given link.
10. No extra time will be granted for setting up their devices or uploading the final project.

Event Heads:

Mustafa Baig: +92 344 2648054

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