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Competition Design

Tournament Procedure:
1. 5 vs 5
2. Knockout stage followed by Semis and Final. Initial stage may be changed depending on number of registrations.
3. The map each team will play will be picked through a map veto. -BO1 – One map. Teams ban maps, and finally play the remaining one. (Group Stage) -BO3 – Teams play till two victories, and also ban and pick wanted maps one by one. (Finals).
4. Map Pool: The Tournament will use the current competitive map pool (Valve Active Duty Map Group) which consists of the following maps: de_inferno de_train de_mirage de_nuke de_overpass de_dust2 De_vertigo.

Disconnection Issues:
1. If all the players cannot play due to an unintended, unforeseen accident such as server stoppage, the management will ensure to fix the problem and restart the match (Unless it is heavily one-sided, the matter will be decided based on the circumstances)
2. In case of intentional disconnection, the referee will end the match with the offending team losing by forfeit.

Contestant Guidelines:
1. Contestants may bring their own set of earphones, mouse and keyboard.
2.All the team members must report to the given location at least 5 minutes prior to the given time.
3. Pan, Gutka, Chalia, Bad-mouthing, Trash talk are strictly prohibited within the premises.
4. A team concedes a walkover if they are more than 15 minutes late at their match, making the other team win by default.
5. Each team must present 1 (one) representative. He/ she is responsible for his/her team and will be responsible for choosing maps and all communication with referees must be done through the team captain.
6. 3rd party programs are NOT permitted.
7. All scripts are illegal except for buy, toggle and demo scripts. Here are some examples for illegal scripts:
Jumpthrow Stop shoot scripts (Use or AWP scripts) Center view scripts Turn scripts (180° or similar) No recoil scripts Burst fire scripts Rate changers (Lag scripts) FPS scripts Anti-flash scripts or binding (snd_* bindings) Bunny hop scripts Stop sound scripts

• Management reserves the right to alter the rules and regulation anytime during the tournament.

Judgement Criteria

1. In Group Stage, 3 points will be awarded to the winning team and 1 to each team in a draw. In case of points tie first Head to Head record will be checked then Total rounds won.
2. For the Finals; team to win 21 rounds will win the match or the team with highest number of wins when time is up.
3. In case of draw, 6 extra rounds will be played with the team having lost the pre-match coin toss selecting the side. Sides will be swapped after 3 rounds. Starting money will be 10000.


1. Rounds: Best out of 30.
2. Round time: 1 minute 55 seconds.
3. Start money: $800.
4. Freeze time: 20 seconds.
5. Buy time: 20 seconds.
6. Bomb timer: 40 seconds.
7. Overtime rounds: best out of 6.
8. Overtime start money: $16,000.

Event Heads:

Anas Khan: +92 334 2795711
Ali Ahmed: +92 334 3015023

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