The name of the competition speaks for itself. What fun is there without any speed in a contest? It is the briskly nature of this competition that makes it the most interesting and challenging amongst all. Participants form a team of 1-3 students that attempt to solve a set number of programming problems per round. Teams are ranked by the amount of problems solved and the time taken to solve them at the end of each round. Remember at IBA Pro battle, it is not just a game, it is a war!

Competition Design

The competition consists of two rounds, namely: qualifying round and final round. The qualifying round would consist of three pools out of which the top teams would move into the final round.

Judgement Criteria

The team with most number of correctly solved questions wins. In the case of a tie, submission times will be seen.


1. Each team consists of 1 to 3 member(s) of undergraduate level.
2. No Program will be accepted after the time limit exceeds.
3. Competition will be comprised of two round. Top teams from 1st round will make it to the Final Round.
4. Following IDEs are allowed:
i. Microsoft Visual Studio
ii. Dev C++
iii. CodeBlocks
iv. Eclipse
v. Netbeans
vi. PyCharm
vii. Sublime Text
viii. Notepad++
5. Following languages are allowed:
i. C
ii. C#
iii. C++
iv. Java
v. Python
6. Participants can only communicate with the organizers or the management team of the competition.
7. Use of communication device or any other unfair means will result in an immediate disqualification.
8. Stationery will be provided to the participants.
9. Participants cannot leave the room before the competition round ends.
10. Login credentials will be provided.
11. Time limit is 1.5 hours.
12. Internet usage is strictly prohibited
13. USBs, Extended HDD or any electronic items are not allowed in the lab.
14. Any misconduct will lead to immediate disqualification.
15. Anybody found using any unfair means will be immediately disqualified.
16. Decision of the judges shall be considered final and cannot be challenged.
17. The ProBattle’20 Management reserves the right to change these rules without prior notice.

Event Heads:

Abdul Razzaq: +92 335 0348022
Kapil Kodwani: +92 333 2142836
Nabeel Ahmed: +92 335 2360057
Mohammad Memon: +92 345 0540063

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