Now this may look like a competition but it’s actually a game. The data inception game of data within a data within a data. But isn’t it amazing to make sense of a useless information or converting a useless information to total non-sense. Either way, it is all about analyzing and exploring the hidden phenomena. Are you interested in proving your analytics skills to a doubtful world? There may be no better way than participating in an officially sanctioned analytic competition. In this competition, Participants will be given sets of data and will be required to analyze it with the use of various tools for which they will be judged on the completeness and accuracy of their results.

Competition Design

The competition will consist of two rounds
First Round:
It will include a given dataset and questions including Exploratory Data Analysis, Visualization and story-telling. Other parts will include descriptive and inferential statistics as well as predictive analytics. The paper will be very open-ended and so there maybe multiple solutions to a given problem. Contestants will not be marked not he basis of the answers they produce but rather on the approach they follow to solving the problems. Hence proper knowledge of what you’re doing and how things work is necessary and must be explained and justified in the questions that will be given in the paper.

Second Round:
In the second round. Participants will have to present their solutions to the judges. And answer any questions the judges may ask them.

Judgement Criteria

Explanation of solutions and approached taken to produce those solutions. The answers do not carry as much weightage as the workings and explanations do. To score maximum marks make sure you've explaibed what you've done and why you think it was the best way/approach.


You can bring your own laptops and the choice of the software to use is all yours. Internet is also allowed except for social media and video streaming sites.

Event Heads:

Saif Ali Zaidi: +92 347 2366218
Majid Abbasi: +92 349 9817449

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