All good Projects start with Database Design! Database Designing is the process of creating a data model (ERD) which in turn supports your whole project. A good database design ensures consistent data and less data redundancy. By taking time to design the database we can remove the levels of frustrations faced during the project. This challenge consists of two rounds. In the first round, contestants will be presented with a problem statement and data. From this, they will be required to design a working database solution and implement specified components of that database using SQL. For the second round, students will be tested with their analytical abilities to prepare an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for a complex scenario. Database design needs a thorough analysis of the given scenario. SQL queries may seem tough but they are the real game changers for a faster query results in a faster result. Are you ready to build a game changer?

Competition Design

1. The competition is spanned over two days.
2. The first day will consist of 2 rounds. For round 1, you will be made to write SQL queries. For round 2, you will be presented with a scenario, based on which you would have to design an ERD.
3. Based on the combined result of round 1 and 2, top teams would qualify for the final round.
4. The second day will have the final round.
5. Participants must be present BEFORE the start of each round. If a team does not qualify for the final round, they are not required to be present for that.

Judgement Criteria

1. SQL queries will be judged according to their accuracy and performance. A query that does not return the correct dataset will not be awarded points.
2. The ERD will be judged according to the completeness, conciseness, and correctness of the design. Relationships, keys, indexes, and normalization will need to be shown (and justified) wherever needed.


1. Each team can consist of 1 to 3 members, although the suggested number of members is at least 2.
2. Each round carries equal weight.
3. Ranking of teams will be based on cumulative score of both rounds.

Event Heads:

Zubair Irfan Khan: 03362406273 | Muhammad Yahya: 03362271512

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