A website in making. Everyone understands the importance of websites in this modern world. However, Web Development doesn’t only mean designing it also means keeping control of everything that an end user may require while surfing the website. This contest is about honoring excellence in the Web Development profession. It aims to empower the creative, technically proficient & future business-savvy Web professionals. Here, the contestants will develop and design a website according to the given situation. The websites will not only be judged by its visual appeal but also by how well it will cater to the needs and requirements of the case. The goal here will be to act S (Specific) M (Measurable) A (Achievable) R (Relevant) T (Time bound)

Competition Design

1. These software will be available on the event day.
I. Adobe Photoshop.
III. Node.
IV. Composer.
V. Visual Studio code.
VI. Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
VII. Microsoft Visual Studio.
2. The competition will be divided on 2 rounds.
a. Round I will depend upon the creativity and designing of the website.
b. Round II will depend upon the functionalities of the website.
3. You are allowed to use any technologies like Angular, React, Ionic etc. for front end and node, laravel for the back end.
4. We presume you know how to deploy your project on domain as well.

Judgement Criteria

1. Judgment will depend on the functions and design of the website
a. Front End Design (40%)
b. Back End Functionalities (60%)
2. Additional functionalities and creative design will be result in bonus points.
3. Presentable coding will also result in bonus points.


1. Internet will be allowed to access resources but not to use any template.
2. Number of maximum participants allowed per team is 3.
3. Any Use of Cell phone, USB or any such device is strictly prohibited.
4. Misuse of internet resources will be result in disqualification.
5. Team members from different discipline/institutes are allowed for a team.
6. Discussion with other teams or misbehave will also result in disqualification.
7. Results will be announced on 3rd day.
8. Judges decision will be final.
9. Extra time will lead to negative marking.

Event Heads:

Anas Ismail Khan: +92 331 2521617
Hassan Sheikh: +92 335 4779917

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