Ever felt like you had a deeper connection with how code works? Do you have a knack for spotting logical and syntactical errors at a glance? Do you think heinous bugs in a code jump out at you? Well then, we have just the right competition for you. Join us in Speed Debugging. Be the one to find all the errors in a code and be the quickest one at it!

Competition Design

The participants will be given a series of codes with logical and/or syntactical errors and their objective will be to debug those codes in the given time period. The team with the greatest number of successful debugs wins in the shortest time wins.

Judgement Criteria

The team with the greatest number of correct answers wins. In case of a tie. submission time will be taken in account.


1. Participants will be provided with stationary, and therefore, should not bring any personal stationary.
2. Mobile phones must be kept away.
3. Use of any unfair means will result in direct disqualification.
4. The points for each question depend upon the difficulty level.
5. Negative marking in case of a wrong answer; no marks deducted if left blank.
6. The participants should all be seated at least 15 minutes before the competition start time.
7. The decision of the judges will be final.

Event Heads:

Maaz Tariq: +92 336 2871966
Hammad Javed: 0342-2837461

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